Hodgson Legal guides and protect the careers of recording artists and composers, managers and producers. The firm represents buyers and sellers in the sale of musical and film catalogs.

With a dramatic sea change of the music industry, new sources of income exist, while traditional sources have disappeared.  Hands-on experience in music publishing, artist management and talent agency matters support select clients in protecting rights and making sure payments are received.   Ms. Hodgson’s career as an agent, artist manager and music publisher guarantee that the firm understands where the varied interests in the business of music align, and the point where they diverge.

  • Advise and negotiate purchase and sale of music catalogues
  • Negotiate touring and live performance agreements for touring artists
  • Negotiate and draft Music Publishing and Recording Agreements
  • General counsel to International Music publishers
  • Negotiate and oversee tour merchandise agreements
  • Draft and secure tour sponsorship and endorsement Agreements
  • Represent foreign sub publishers for administration and collection of U.S. royalties
  • Special counsel to trustees, heirs and executors of estates owning music catalogues
  • Collection of royalties and copyright termination
  • Advise film and television composers with regard to composer agreements for film and television
  • Counsel and advise production music libraries in composer agreements, joint ventures and royalty collection
  • Manage domain name acquisition, protection, recovery and dispute resolution.
  • Represent clients in cybersquatting protection issues and claims
  • Guidance on incorporations and business formations.