Fashion & Apparel

Fashion brands seek to control rampant counterfeiting of goods both online and on the street, while dealing with traditional manufacturing and supplier issues.  Copyright protection for fashion designs has emerged as an important area of legal protection.

Hodgson Legal provides the expertise in both of these key areas, and supports fashion brands in issues relating to licensing, distribution, suppliers and brand protection.

  • Provide general business counsel pertaining to suppliers, sales representatives, distributors, and business structure
  • Prepare and secure supplier agreements while protecting company assets through non-solicitation, trade secret, and non-compete agreements
  • Drafting and review of employment or independent sales representation agreements
  • Register, monitor and enforce trademarks in the global market
  • Implement online brand protection and counterfeit goods enforcement program
  • Manage domain name acquisition, protection, recovery and dispute resolution
  • Represent clients in cybersquatting protection issues and claims
  • Guidance on incorporations and business formations.
  • International Distribution and Licensing Strategies and Agreements