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Hodgson Legal has earned a distinguished reputation for offering effective legal counsel, personal attention and the highest level of professional integrity.

As knowledgeable attorneys, we understand that legal issues can be overwhelming to the average person. Legal terminology, or “legalese” is often complicated and hard for clients to understand. Before taking legal matters into your own hands, consult a professional attorney. Legal issues require a specific process that isn’t always clear-cut on the surface.

As our client, you can benefit from our:

  • Extensive knowledge of legal lingo, paperwork, trademark filing experience.
  • Convenient office hours and flexible scheduling, consulting both in person and by phone.
  • Reasonable attorney fees designed to accommodate budgets of entrepreneurs to large corporations.

The last thing you want is to assume you’re protected only to find out that the legal documentation was inadequate when enforcement is challenged. Hire a professional attorney to ensure the job is done correctly. Our lawyers are here to guide you, whether it’s chasing away an annoying cybersquatter, initiating or enforcing a trademark filing or for representation in a complex court case.

Hodgson Legal works with entertainers to make them rock stars, and rock stars to make them entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help our diverse clientele develop a plan that fits the budget, then implement the plan to insure brand protection and success.