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Copyright protection is simple, enforcement is not. Our copyright attorneys protect your copyrights. Yet, enforcement of copyrights has never been more challenging.

Artists, composers, authors, musicians, photographers and publishers rely upon their copyrights for their source of livelihood.

Remedies for theft of copyrighted works are largely tied to registration.  Failure to register important works can leave the rights holder without a remedy for legitimate wrongs. Copyright forms the basis of a multitude of industries using specialized creative works protected by the premier Los Angeles copyright attorneys, Hodgson Legal. Learn more about copyright registration.


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  • Fine Art
  • Art Licensing Agreements
  • Software development, licensing and registration
  • Music Publishing and Licensing
  • Musical recording production and distribution
  • Music for Film and Television 
  • Digital rights protection
  • Photography Rights and Royalties
  • Copyright Infringement Proceedings
  • Book Publishing Agreements
  • Film and Television Production and Distribution
  • Copyright Termination and Recapture