Music Lawyer

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Listening to unlicensed music makes me mad!

Los Angeles music lawyer Cheryl Hodgson represents managers, artists, music publishers, and record companies. She was a talent manager and ran music publishing for Bill Graham presents. Cheryl began her career as a talent agent representing artists such as Jimmy Buffet and Steve Martin, and was an artist manager of an internationally acclaimed musical group.

Music lawyer Cheryl Hodgson champions the rights of songwriters and recording artists, including winning a landmark case that enabled a recording artist to recapture rights in their master sound recordings. She recovered ownership of the famous master “Louis Louie” for the Kingsmen. Her unique combination of practical business experience combined with proven legal skills provide her clients with expert guidance in all aspects of the music industry.






Services include:

  • Music Publishing, Recording and Distribution Agreements
  • Trademark registration for music group names
  • Composer Agreements
  • Licensing of Music in Film and Television
  • Buying and selling music copyrights
  • Talent Agreements, Celebrity Endorsement Agreements
  • Copyright Termination and Recapture of Copyrights
  • Royalty Audits and Collections
  • Publisher Administration
  • Guidance on incorporations and business formation