New Media & Technology

Hodgson Legal’s new media & technology attorneys represent leaders in new media and technology. We represent clients in music, publishing, software development, social media in a variety of fields from ranging from entertainment, life style, and mobile. 

Startups with disruptive business models designed to communicate, innovate and change the status quo require counsel from new media & technology attorneys for business formation, investor agreements, protection of Intellectual Property, social media policies, licensing, and brand management.

Our mission is to insure that clients maximize value while managing risks in the Internet marketplace.  


New Media & Technology Services:


  • Negotiate joint venture and on line affiliate marketing programs
  • Social Media policies
  • Structure and negotiate  investor agreements, funding in stock and equity transactions
  • Register, monitor and enforce trademarks in the global market
  • Structure software, technology and trade secret license and development agreements
  • Business formation and partnership agreements
  • Domain name acquisition, protection, recovery and dispute resolution
  • Represent clients in cybersquatting protection issues and claims
  • Advise as to insurance coverage Issues