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The business of entertainment has been part of our DNA for nearly 30 years. All clients deserve a solid contract from their entertainment counsel, that’s a given. Cheryl Hodgson, entertainment lawyer Los Angeles is different, unlike any attorney you’ve met, and her clients say so. The difference is a hands-on business perspective that transcends legalese.

Entertainment lawyer Cheryl Hodgson began career as an agent, artist manager, and music publisher. Cheryl understands where the varied interests in the business of entertainment align and the point where they diverge.  We work deals for our clients, and our deals work for our clients.

  • Provide general business counsel to entertainment related companies in matters pertaining to joint ventures, licensing agreements, distribution,
  • Negotiate agreements purchase and sale of entertainment assets and companies
  • Negotiate employment agreements for executives, talent agents and managers.
  • Represent composers and music libraries in acquisitions, licenses and general legal concerns.
  • Negotiate touring and live performance agreements.
  • Advise and represent clients in rights pertaining to literary and rights acquisitions and licenses connected to all media.
  • Negotiate and draft agreements for licensing, recording, distribution and merchandising for music performers, composers and labels.
  • Negotiate life story, film and television rights agreements.
  • Structure agreements for the creation, licensing, and administration of music to film and television companies.
  • Manage domain name acquisition, protection, recovery and dispute resolution.
  • Represent clients in cybersquatting protection issues and claims.
  • Represent various authors of self-help, fiction and non-fiction novels, and textbooks
  • Guidance on incorporations and business formations.