Trademark Scam Solicitations Target Trademark Applicants

October 22, 2012
Trademark Scam Solicitations

“By Cheryl L. Hodgson

Trademark Scam Solicitations have become common place. Have you received an invoice for a trademark fee but it’s not from the USPTO? Chances are you’ve been targeted by a scam.  The Trademark Office does not send out billings for watch services, or services for renewing or maintaining a registration. 

Trademark applicants and registrants who put their addresses on file should know that their information is on public record, opening them to scam invoices by official-looking government entities.

As legal professionals, Hodgson Legal maintains a calendaring system and notifies clients in advance of deadlines, helps clients set up legitimate watch services and works to enforce & maintain the trademark.

For more info regarding watch services and the tactics used to target clients, see a recent article referencing Hodgson Legal on Watch the Watcher

Click here for a PDF of numerous trademark scams that Hodgson Legal has encountered. Look familiar? We hope not, but if you’ve been scammed, we’re here to help.