Client Congratulations: Oat Solutions

October 11, 2012

Hodgson Legal congratulates Oat Solutions LLC founders Mika Manninen  and Helena Lumme on recent awards for their SIMPLI line of oatshakes.  The SIMPLI Oatshake has been awarded the prestigious BEVNET Award for Best Smoothie/Meal Replacement.

Adding to the accolades, Gourmet Retailer Magazine named the SIMPLI Oatshake as Best New Product in its August 2012 Editors’ Pick.

Founded in early 2011, Oat Solutions rapidly emerged as a leader in the gluten free, natural foods movement with its line of shakes and gluten free oatmeal products. SIMPLI products, which are also non-GMO, are manufactured using gluten free oats from family farms in Finland.  The oats are processed in one of only two certified gluten free facilities in the world.  Recent additions to the product line include a coffee flavored oat shake, as well as individual “on the go” servings of apricot and raspberry gluten free instant oatmeal.

Helena Lumme & Mika Manninen At BevNET Awards