Titles of books, films, or songs do not qualify for trademark registration when used solely to identify the title a single work. With some planning and good legal advice, the rule can be transcended and registration secured even for those not as famous as Star Wars. There are several ways to achieve trademark protection for that awesome title.

Here is your step-by-step guide.

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Community property comes in all forms. including copyright royalty income For family law attorneys tasked with insuring a fair divide copyright royalty income in dissolution proceedings, the task can be a real challenge to divide the assets and make certain their clients get honestly paid.

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Trademark Attorney Explains Domain Names

February 28, 2015
Domain names

Clients and marketing professionals believe registration of a domain name is sufficient protection and there is no need to register a trademark or service mark. So, here goes. This trademark attorney explains domain names and how they relate to trademarks.

Much of the misunderstanding arises from advice given by early Internet marketing experts who advised clients that descriptive search terms are all that are needed, since they afford instant search engine ranking. While a descriptive domain may garner high ranking in search results, most of them stink as trademarks!

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Trademark Search Before You File

April 2, 2014
Young man in Business suit with magnifying glass looking over a city

The US Trademark Office website is a good starting place, but it is only the beginning and is not a substitute for a full professional search. Our firm will search trademarks that are pending and registered at the US Trademark Office as a preliminary screening effort. However, since marks need not be identical to prevent your registration based upon confusing similarity.

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