Fashion Lawyer with a Flair for Fashion

January 20, 2015

Fashion law conjures up visions of runway models wearing creative new clothing designs, and a clothing brand known the world over. A fashion brand requires a fashion lawyer with a varied skill set. Fashion lawyer Cheryl Hodgson is a respected experienced business lawyer, copyright lawyer, trademark lawyer, and contract law attorney.

Cheryl Hodgson represents a number of fashion brands as general counsel. Many initially seek her advice for trademark registration of the fashion brand name and then realize they need the depth of experience that Hodgson Legal brings to their fashion business. Most all fashion brands need a fashion lawyer who is also a good business attorney, one that can incorporate a business, negotiate a manufacturing agreement, protect their secrets and designs by way of non disclosure, prepare a distributor agreement, advise on employment law matters, negotiate license agreements, and represent them in cases of copyright infringement.

An experienced copyright attorney, Cheryl Hodgson has not only litigated claims of copyright infringement in federal courts around the U.S., she has served as a mediator in U.S. Federal court for cases involving claims of fabric design infringement, and as copyright attorney to fashion retailers and fashion manufacturers who are sued for copyright infringement.

Cheryl’s successful fashion brands often have problems with counterfeit clothing and Internet infringement of their trademark and brand name. Hodgson Legal has developed a strong anti-counterfeiting team working with clients to stop fake goods and issue take down notices where necessary.

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