Trademark Information Sheet

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The Trademark

If you are filing a Words Only registration skip to The Owner section below.

Important: Unless color plays an important part in your brand strategy, upload a black and white version of the logo. While legal rights in color can be claimed, doing so means your legal protection is limited to the logo with colors you claim. We do not recommend that you claim color unless we tell you otherwise.

Acceptable file types: jpg,jpeg.
Maximum file size: 1mb.
The attached image must have a width between 250px and 944px.
The Height must also be between 250px and 944px.

The Owner

The Use
Attach a PDF of a label, or of a screen shot showing the mark in use in connection with the sale or advertising of the goods or services, and describe the sample
If you have a website for the product or service that you'd like to trademark, please provide the URL below.
Please list the specific goods or services which you sell or intend to sell under the goods.