One of the most common ways to establish trademark rights is through Internet sales of goods and services. However, in order to qualify for a federal trademark registration based upon use on a website, you must follow technical requirements.

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Trademark Attorney Cheryl Hodgson discusses whether a business using a surname as its brand name can obtain a federal trademark registration.

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Trademark Attorney Explains Domain Names

February 28, 2015
Domain names

Clients and marketing professionals believe registration of a domain name is sufficient protection and there is no need to register a trademark or service mark. So, here goes. This trademark attorney explains domain names and how they relate to trademarks.

Much of the misunderstanding arises from advice given by early Internet marketing experts who advised clients that descriptive search terms are all that are needed, since they afford instant search engine ranking. While a descriptive domain may garner high ranking in search results, most of them stink as trademarks!

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Fashion Lawyer with a Flair for Fashion

January 20, 2015

Fashion law conjures up visions of runway models wearing creative new clothing designs, and a clothing brand known the world over. A fashion brand requires a fashion lawyer with a varied skill set. Fashion lawyer Cheryl Hodgson is a respected experienced business lawyer, copyright lawyer, trademark lawyer, and contract law attorney.

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